The Beginning

Amy Rao founded IAS in 1994. Having previously worked at another value added reseller, Amy became fed up with an industry that seems to be consumed with making the highest margin at the expense of the customer. In founding IAS, Amy wanted to ensure that the customer and their needs were put first and foremost. The company began in the data protection and data management space and expanded into other silos of the technology platform. This was driven mostly by the requests of our customers as they recognized that IAS was a whole new class of partner.

From Reseller to Solutions Integrator

As the business continued to flourish our customers pressed IAS to add services and new lines of business to our offering. IAS hired professional services staff and began to employ solutions specialists to meet these demands. While we had never been “just another box pusher” the expansion into services and the addition of solution specialists allowed us to take a holistic view of our customer environments and improved our overall ability to best service our customers and tailor solutions to meet their tactical and strategic needs.

25 Years and Beyond

As a company we continue to evolve, opening new lines of business and embracing new and emerging technologies so that we can stay relevant to our customers. Change excites us! Change means opportunity for doing things in new and better ways. As we pass 25 years in business our eyes are on the horizon knowing that the best days are to come.

Our Principles Define Our Personality and Culture

  • Our customers always come first.

  • We always try to do the right thing.

  • Our employees should look forward to coming to work and enjoy what they are doing.

  • Our solutions are green in nature and have a positive affect on the environment.

  • We consider the challenges faced all around the world and are actively engaged in addressing them.

  • It’s the people!

At IAS, our culture is our priority. Our vision is not simply of a healthy, vibrant work culture, but encompasses the happiness and well being of our customers and partners as well. We see ourselves helping to weave together these different communities into a healthy eco-system based on a genuine desire to enrich the broader whole. To this end, we venture into many avenues outside of our day-to-day work of building strong IT infrastructure, locking arms with our customers and partners to affect the wider community and environment in a meaningful way. We’re actively engaged in the community, and take this work seriously. We operate out of the belief that if we get up each day, do work that we love, and always strive to do right by our customers and partners, then our customers will be there for us tomorrow.

It is our talented employees with their creative ideas and steadfast dedication to “always try and do the right thing” that drives our company and our success.