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Here at Integrated Archive Systems (IAS) we are focused on creating solutions for our customers not selling boxes. We listen to our customers’ requirements and meet those requirements with best-of-breed technology solutions. With over 150 years of combined engineering expertise on staff we excel at designing solutions that are ideally suited to your environment, applications, workloads, budget, and business.  Whether your needs are simple or complex we bring the same rigor to making sure that you have the architecture that is right for both today and the future.

Our Solution Areas

Big Data | Analytics | Deep Learning

What is big data? Its data and it grows real big really fast. Seriously, big data and analytics is the first technology to make business users jump up and down and scream like little school girls. Why? Because it produces actionable business data that is realtime or near realtime. Big data analytics is changing business, politics, and just about any other vertical you can think of.  Our experts can build you a platform to keep those business users screaming as if there was a boy band in the office.

Cloud | Virtualization

Cloud this and cloud that, everyone is talking cloud today but what type of cloud services are right for your organization? Do you know the caveats and skeletons that lurk with adopting these technologies? Whether you’re looking to leverage the public cloud or build your own private or hybrid cloud we have the experience and the partners you’ll need to make your cloud project a success.

Compute | Hyperconverged

HPC, server virtualization, OLTP databases, VDI: All of these workload put very different demands on the computing infrastructure.  So which platform is right.  In what is a very commoditized space of the industry there are still some big questions to consider in designing the right compute solution. Our engineers are experts addressing just these sorts of issues.

Data Protection

You’re thinking this is backup, right? You’re only partially right. Data protection in the modern organization is much more than just backup. With big data, object stores, cloud storage, content/document management systems, and a variety of other data storage technologies your approach to data protection must be comprehensive or you risk losing it. Our engineers can help you to design a solution that accounts for all of your data wherever it may be stored and we often can find you cost savings in the process.


Never have the demands on the network been greater than they are today. Technologies like SDN, network virtualization, and datacenter interconnect just make this area more complex.  Sometimes keeping up with the changing landscape is a job in itself. Our engineers work on this stuff all the time with our customers so when you’re ready we are too.


Security is an area that businesses no longer afford to ignore. Being secure is a strategy not a product. You must be able to take a step back take a holistic view of your environment to find the holes, assess the risks, and mitigate those risks as appropriate. At IAS we specialize in that big picture view of security. Come find out more.


Nobody seems to have enough and that problem is not going away. Whether you need Tier 0, near line, flash, NAS, SAN, or object storage we have you covered. More than that we’ve done it thousands of times for businesses just like yours.