In this modern era content and data are king

Two questions plague businesses around the world: How do we keep up with the rate of content creation? How can we get relevant information out of the data we already collect to make business decisions?  It’s all about mean time to information these days and the organization that gets to the answer the fastest is often the one that wins.  But selecting the right solution to store and analyze your content is daunting to say the least.

Let us help you find your needle in the big data haystack

Hadoop, Splunk, Cassandra, NoSQL databases, what is the right solution?  What server architecture should you use?  How can you cost effectively store that data for the long term so that it can be available for future analysis? Our engineers have helped customers answer these very questions.  We have over a century of experience in system design, requirements-based engineering, and strong partnerships to help you select and implement a solution that will work for your business.  Give us a call!

Our Big Data/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Partners

IAS Big Data and Analytics Partner Splunk

Cisco Premium Partner

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