Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data are changing the world. Are you ready for it?

IAS brings together Technology, Science and Art and approaches the AI/ML/DL continuum with three business unit approaches.

Data Scientists

The first is to engage with Data Science practitioners in helping them build data pipelines, evaluate frameworks, algorithms and tools appropriate to the goals they seek. This takes the form of deep dive technical workshops, training and deep learning modeling services. Our team has mastered Scala, Spark, Hadoop, Mesos and other technologies to help customers build their AI/ML/DL solutions from the initial goal or idea to proof of concept through to full scale production.

Business Leaders

The second way that we engage is with executives charged with driving Digital Transformation or Line of Business owners who seek to derive value from their data to drive better outcomes. This typically starts with an Ideation Workshop where we dive into a customer’s business, its challenges and opportunities and rank order the potential ROI for implementing AI-Automation in their business. Often this will lead to an AI Readiness Assessment where a Feasibility Study on a targeted use case with goals, success metrics, criteria and ML approaches are defined.

IT Teams

The third approach we take is enabling traditional IT organizations to support their organizations AI/ML/DL initiatives and projects. We can help architect not just the AI/ML/DL application and pipeline(s) we can size and implement architectures to support those applications and operationalize them allowing IT to serve their business effectively and allow AI/ML/DL resources to stay focused on their area of expertise.

IAS is able to do this from small, just getting started engagements to environments that process 10’s of Billions of transactions a day and span 10’s of PBs of storage. We are able to help customers do this in the Public Cloud, on premise and increasingly in a Hybrid Multi Cloud context giving customers the most flexibility, operational and cost control and we are happy to discuss a Managed Service engagement as well.

We would love to engage with you to see how the better use of your data can unlock the true potential of your business.