Data Center BackgroundCompute platforms are commoditized, or are they?

Moore’s Law and the steady advance of computing horsepower at lower price points has revolutionized business and the business of IT.  With these advances technologies real-time analytics, server and application virtualization,  and high performance computing (HPC) are within the reach of the average business. However, not all CPUs and server architectures are created equal.  Different workloads and applications have different performance characteristics and therefore may demand different computing resources. But how do you not end up with islands of computing resources? Where is the balance between specialization and standardization?

Identify the best computing platforms for your requirements

Here at IAS we specialize in assisting customers answer these types of questions. Our engineers and specialists will work to understand your requirements and identify the best platform or platforms for your business.  Our partnerships with multiple compute platform manufacturers allows our teams to select the platform or platforms that are sized appropriately and best meet your requirements and budget.

Our Computing Solutions Partners

Cisco Premium Partner

IAS Data Protection Partner Oracle

IAS Computing Solution Partner Nutanix

IAS is a VMware Premier Solution Provider

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