Connecting your business to the world.

IAS has been helping customers with traditional networking for decades. Whether you are looking for campus wireless, data center CLOS fabrics, or white-box switching, we can help you.

Networking in a Cloud and DevOps World

Networking is changing with the cloud and devops, and we are helping our customers make the transition. Emerging in recent years, ideas like Software Defined Networking and Intent-Based Networking have begun to take shape as the first wave of products inspired by these ideas are coming to market.

Networking in the Data Center

In the data center, we feel that SDN can’t yet be realized the way it is in the WAN because we have mixed up too many security middle-boxes into our campus and data center networks. To solve these problems, we look towards tools that can move the security function out of the network and closer to the business where it belongs, and we LOE tools like Illumio to achieve that part of the transformation. Once companies have completed that work, the way for SDN will have been well paved for us all.

We employ seasoned experts that are here to help navigate the rapidly shifting world of networking.  We have helped small startups to Fortune 500 stalwarts understand, evaluate, and implement networking technologies from the simple to the complex, from one site to three hundred.