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Automation and Orchestration is not just about allowing systems to do boring processes themselves. It is ensuring that what happens in your IT environment is predictable, reliable, efficient and consistent.

Automation is the process of taking a single task performed manually by a human and using a software solution, program or script to automate that task. In today’s IT world, many tasks performed in the data center and in the cloud can be automated. A common rule of thumb is if a human does it more than once, then it is candidate for automation.

Automation is not just about a computer doing a task to save someone some time. It’s also about ensure that the task is done the same way every time.  This ensures that organizations have processes and infrastructure built in a consist manner with reliable outcomes. It’s also the building block of an orchestration platform.

Orchestration is the next evolution of automation and is essentially for managing IT environments in today’s data centers. Orchestration is the scheduling and integration of automation tasks to build streamlines and repeatable process using software tools. Quite simply, using automation tasks to create multi-step workflows to build infrastructure, systems, and applications.

Orchestration is essential for delivering highly available, dynamically scaling, performant applications, and cloud systems. IT teams today are responsible for managing more with less and are expected to deliver services quickly while keeping the costs down. IT leaders are expected to offer these services and ensure that the business is not held back from doing what necessary to succeed.

Together, automation and orchestration can help reduce IT costs, ramp up productivity, and free up personnel focus for more strategic pursuits. However choosing the right tools to succeed with both takes time. IAS can help you navigate and evaluate the tools for automation and orchestration. Our experts can help you find the right solution to help reduce IT costs, ramp up productivity, and create your IT as a service.