Our Search & Compliance SolutionsLitigation is the new reality

In this modern era litigation is a fact of reality. The bigger your company the bigger the dollar signs are in the eyes of those who wish to get a piece of your profits. Whether it is patent trolls or disgruntled employees or customers the fact is you need to be prepared. Ensuring that your data is saved and indexed while it’s relevant, deleted when it has expired, and legally held when it is required to do so. That is the essence of Information Management and software solutions can help automate these policies to ensure you are in compliance with both internal business policies and federal or state regulations.

An audit can be pleasant…no really!

Most people dread the day when the auditor shows up at you front door. Why? Because it usually means that you will spend hours and days doing unproductive and tedious work to comply with an auditor\’s request for information or documentation. However, if you’ve planned for this and put in the correct systems to produce the data and reports they require then you can be cooler than an Alaskan surfer.

Electronic Discovery, or eDiscovery, is a unique challenge for IT and Legal departments alike. Whether from corporate or government regulations, or from the increasing number of organizations that are involved in litigation, or internal HR or Legal investigations, eDiscovery puts new demands on both IT and Legal teams to manage these unique guidelines and deliver the information quickly and accurately. Failure to implement solutions prior to an active investigation or when opposing counsel is requesting information, significantly increases the costs organizations spend on eDiscovery. Research has shown that organizations that attempt to perform legal eDiscovery manually spend three to five times more throughout the life of the investigation than those that put in a software solution.

Let our search & compliance engineering ninjas help you

Our team not only knows the differences between the available solutions, we have engineers who have done legal forensic collections in the past. We know what works and what doesn’t, and how to help both IT and Legal teams work efficiently and effective together. With IAS and our partners, we can help automate the processes in an repeatable and defensible manner.

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