Building a reliable and scalable infrastructure for your applications is crucial to be successful. Our IAS engineers have helped architect the entire infrastructure stack and can assist in ensuring your data centers are flexible to meet the requirements today and in the future.

Virtualization is about efficiency

Virtualization is about making the most of what you have and allowing you the flexibility to change as needed. But virtualization requires understanding about what’s required for your applications and ensuring that workloads have the necessary resources available when they need them, even if there’s outage or maintenance activities going on. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping customers size, design, build and migrate customers to all of the major virtualization platforms. Whether is a small remote office, a single data center or multiple data centers around the world, IAS has done it.

Containers are the next evolution of virtualization

Containers are virtualization, version 2. Taking the next step to expand upon what virtualization did for the data center 15 years ago and bringing it even closer to the application layer. By leveraging containers and a micro-service strategy, organizations can even be more productive, flexible, adaptive and reactive when developing their applications and services. Determining what services should migrate to containers can be a daunting project. Engage with us and let us work together to elevate your business new generation of application development.

We employ seasoned experts that are here to help navigate the rapidly shifting world of networking.  We have helped small startups to Fortune 500 stalwarts understand, evaluate, and implement networking technologies from the simple to the complex, from one site to three hundred.